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GAJOOBTube Episode 210911 GAJOOBTube Episode 210911 from our GAJOOBTube listing
Updates this week in GAJOOB feature the late Dave Fuglewicz and his legacy on and Tape...
Cassette Mail From Tim Kaiser Cassette Mail From Tim Kaiser from our GAJOOBTube listing
We received a cassette from Tim Kaiser called Voltage. Read the interview t Visit Tim...
NEW MAIL! Cassette Culture, Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit In the Pre Internet Age NEW MAIL! Cassette Culture, Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit In the Pre Internet Age from our GAJOOBTube listing
I open new mail from Vinyl On Demand, the new book by Jerry Kranitz called Cassette Culture, Home...
GAJOOBTube 4193 - Kate Can Wait - Veraniegas GAJOOBTube 4193 - Kate Can Wait - Veraniegas from our GAJOOBTube listing
GAJOOB Magazine's Bryan Baker opens a new release from Grimalkin Records and the Kate Can Wait pr...
Those Pretty Wrongs - Zed For Zulu - GAJOOBTube Open Envelope Those Pretty Wrongs - Zed For Zulu - GAJOOBTube Open Envelope from our GAJOOBTube listing
GAJOOBTube opens a new cassette from Those Pretty Wrongs called Zed For Zulu. Visit https://prett...


Shouting At the Postman

Web Resources, Links: Shouting at the Postman... is full of cool zines and music that you won't find most places (if anywhere, for that matter). It's assembled like a webzine, while there are loads of resources, all notated so you know if it's something you gonna wanna check out. Bookmark it. What is the "Art Exchange Net" and how do I participate? Send me photocopyable artwork (collages, drawings, photos, paintings, found objects, etc.) or original recordings and I'll send you things that...
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Various Artists - Refried Dreams

DOWNLOAD @ ARCHIVE.ORG Download Album HERE NOTES: "Yes" REVIEW: This tape features some of Darrell's "....faves of the so-called underground." And a fine tape it is, with Al Perry, Lord Litter, John Bartles, Sister Ray, Don Campau and more. Overall, this has a tasty, raw bite to it, with everything from shout-it-out screamers to a wonderfully composed and executed instrumental by Perry. --Reviewed by Bryan Baker 4/1/1989. OTHER COMMENTS -- E-MAIL US YOUR COMMENTS!Tell us what you...
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Chris Sizemore - free sound

Chris Sizemore - free sound
REVIEW: Sizemore self-financed the making of a thousand copies of this tape of found sound collage pieces, each with a sort of theme and has been handing them out to anyone who'll listen. Limited edition, full-color printed cover conveys an anti-media message and much of the tape inside expounds on that as well — a common take for collage artists. Some of the pieces tend to go a little too long, yet still manage to maintain focus. Highlights include a piece which collects various classic...
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