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Ben Johnson - Wait

Ben Johnson - Wait
Wait is a haunting album of stark piano and vocals with industrial-type guitar and bass and percussion. I don't think I've heard anything quite like this combination of influences and textures. Johnson's classically trained voice belongs in theatrical productions and you hear that here. His piano is laid bare at many points and you hear its harmonics singing; it's really quite beautiful. You have to give Wait your full attention. I love it.
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Four Way Free EP

Four Way Free EP
This CD came to GAJOOB around 2003. I received A LOT of mail back in the day and couldn't get to all of it, but I'm still trying, for what it's worth. And this is one of those albums that make it worth while. The sound remains fresh for me, due to the interesting arrangements of acoustic guitars, cello and flute. Genji Nakano's songs have a happy spirit and paint pictures of characters I get to know through the lyrics. Drummer Larry Boodman propels these songs with both a driving rhythm...
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"24 Hours" by Wolfgang "Fadi" Dorninger

"24 Hours" by Wolfgang "Fadi" Dorninger
Wolfgang Dorninger of Monochrome Bleu, Josef K Noyce, The Smiling Buddhas will perform his entire catalog during a 24-hour streaming event from Sonic Sound Studio in Linz, Austria. • Date: Saturday 26. February - Sunday 27. February 2022 • Time: 7 pm - 7 pm CET (24 hours) During the performance, NFTs of music and studio items will be created and made available. Tickets to the event as well as post-streaming access are being sold in advance of the show.
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