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The Faint of Heart - Kiss & Make-up

The Faint of Heart - Kiss & Make-up
As Clevescene wrote in 2004, The Faint of Heart leading man, Cleft S, doesn't sing as much as he talks in key. Kiss & Make-up is full of doo-wop hooks and jilted humor. Acoustic guitar and 3-part grrl harmonies. And a lot of tasty stuff for the ears, glockenspiel, organ, etc. Reportedly there was a followup recorded shortly after this one called Let's Do It! Where can I find it? Buy on Amazon:
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better off RED - anything go - Cover Letter

 May 14, 2004 RE: Anything Go Review for Better Off Red To Whom It May Concern: Enclosed please find a promo kit for my band, Better Off Red, complete with a copy of our current EP release, Anything Go. We are a four-piece rock band based in Los Angeles, trying to move our market to a national audience. We would greatly appreciate your taking the time to listen to our album or a few of its tracks and to include a review on your website. You may find additional information about Better...
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Better off RED - anything go

Better off RED - anything go
This band appears to have come on with a flash and died as there is little to find online except for digital crumbs on the wayback machine consisting of a number of tour dates at circuit clubs around their home state of California. anything go is a solid heavy, riff-packed grunge debut typical of this era.  Check the gallery here for scans of everything in the envelope. Let me know if you know anything more about these guys.
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