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We received a cassette from Tim Kaiser called Voltage. Read the interview t Visit Tim...
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Don Campau - Pinata Party

Don Campau - Pinata Party
DOWNLOAD @ ARCHIVE.ORG NOTES: A two tape set featuring Don Campau, Greg Gray, Ken Clinger, Dino DiMuro, James Hill, Mark Hanley, Nicole, Kevin and Caity Campau, Brian Conroy, Allen Dancer, John Hayden, Poindexter Holloway. Art work by Peter Blind. Cover design by Douglas Cruikshank Don Campau ( vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, harmonica, assorted instruments) on most tracks with additional personnel noted below. Tape one: 1. Pinata Party: Kevin Campau ( introduction),Greg Gray...
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Heather Perkins Interview (in progress)

Your Dangerous Household Objects was one of the first underground, home taper cassette albums I purchased back in the late 80’s. I’d been home taping for a few years at that point and it really opened my mind and I’m feeling that same thing with your new album. First, if you don’t mind, take us back to the beginning and how you started on your journey to become a famous hometaper. A long, strange but not entirely insane journey into the world of home-taping. I was always interested in...
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