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GAJOOB is underground culture, music, art, video, prose and more. It began as a print zine in 1986, published by Bryan Baker. Send work for review to: GAJOOB, PO Box 25665, Salt Lake City, UT 84125 USA.


Publish Date: To Be Announced.

Artist call for submissions is OPEN NOW. 

GAJOOB returns to print with its twelfth edition. Outsider art, music, comics, graphics, video and prose with multimedia experiences merging print with audio and video, along with interactive collaboration and social bridges. 

Publisher Bryan Baker and Blind Mime Arts is crafting a special design and we’re documenting its creation on GAJOOBTube. You should SUBSCRIBE for ongoing updates.

As always GAJOOB is interested in outsider, DiY, homemade music as well as comics, graphics, prose, poetry, mail art, video, audio and other things. Contact us if you wish to contribute.

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Thousands of independently produced albums on cassette, CD, CDR, vinyl and other formats have made their way into our post office box, garnering a listing in GAJOOB. I’m busy archiving not only the sounds, but the graphics, art, letters and everything else surrounding the experience of intimate art creativity. Your help is needed and sincerely appreciated.


GAJOOB’s existence was fostered in the beginning by my regular job in a printshop. Running a graphic design department for thirty years, a lot of the allure of self-made, underground music is the underlying esthetic. Whether its referred to as homemade, punk, outsider or whatever kind of art, it’s a big part of the culture, and here I extract what I can and make it available since the music packages can no longer be shared or obtained as they once were. These graphics are culled from tapes, CDR’s, zines, letters, postcards and other things that made their way into the GAJOOB PO Box. All funds go toward the GAJOOB Underground Library Fund. Donate HERE.

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