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DAREDEVIL MEDITATIONS compilation project

DAREDEVIL MEDITATIONS compilation project

Wednesday April 21 2021, 12:19 PM
Open Call! Hal McGee presents the

DAREDEVIL MEDITATIONS compilation project

- Interpret the title of the compilation in any way that you want.

- All styles, instrumentations, and treatments are welcome.

- Tracks must be new, exclusive, previously unreleased, and created specifically for this project.

- Maximum 5 minutes, WAV file, stereo, 44.100 kHz.

- Send your track via WeTransfer or email to

- No RAR files!

- Deadline will be April 21, 2021.

- The compilation will be published on my Bandcamp site,

- You will receive three free download codes of the compilation.

- I will also accept your recording on a CDR through postal mail.

- Send artwork or a photo to accompany your track.

- Include info for your track page such as websites, contacts, liner and production notes, etc.

- When you submit your recording please clearly state the artist name and track title exactly as you want them to be on the album page (with upper and lower case letters as you desire them).

The compilation will be co-produced by Chris Phinney, who will choose the order of the tracks.


The title Daredevil Meditations was suggested by Leslie Singer (Girls On Fire).

I am also accepting submissions for artwork for the Bandcamp album cover.

If you are primarily a visual artist, I will accept your visual art interpretation of the theme Daredevil Meditations and your artwork will be included in the album download. You will receive free download codes just like the audio art contributors.

Index of about 60 compilations that I have produced over the years:


Imagine, if you will, a daredevil performance artist who dives out of an airplane, aiming for the mouth of a small bottle on the ground below. Unperturbed by the utter impossibility of the task that they have set for themself, they quiet their beating heart and still the turbulent waters of their mind, and become one with the bottle, their failure, and the emptiness of death.

Nam June Paik’s Zen For Film (1962-64) simply consists of a transparent leader which accumulates dust and scratches as it passes through the projector over time, with each successive screening.