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Love Gramps by Michael J. Bowman, from GAJOOB's First Compilation Tape From 1990 - GAJOOBilation One

I've managed to locate the old cassette master of GAJOOB's first compilation tape from 1990 as well as a few of the original sleeves. I may post a track here and there over the next little bit.

Track 1 is "Love Gramps" by Michael J. Bowman. Mike has gone by MJB90, CLOUD, Velveeta Heartbreak and other names. This song is from his Fuzzy Logic cassette released in 1989. Bowman illustrated the cover for GAJOOB 7 and we collaborated on a song after he paid me a visit and we jammed a bit in the basement studio I shared with Joe Maki at the time. Recently, he was the cover designer on The Lord Of the Rings paperback trilogy published by Del Rey.

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The Bim Prongs/Furchick - EC Split 15

Through nearly 30 albums that make up the EC Split series, Hal McGee has often made the pairing of artists an added experience to the album. W.A. Davison (The Bim Prongs) and Claire Pannell (Furchick) mine similar experimental veins in their own soundscapes. On this album, the differences to me are that Furchick's "side" is three distinct pieces each with a different combination of sounds. Her approach is less loop-oriented than Davison's here I think, but both collage sounds that revolve and call back. Both sides are filled with real sounds, while synthesized and manipulated textures seep into each mix as well.

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Mail Art 365

By home, 2021-01-03
Mail Art 365

I happened upon the Mail Art 365 project while reviewing one side of a split album occupied by C. Merhl Bennett.

The idea is to create one piece of mail art per day for one full year, however, the site's organizers appear to be lenient on that particular requirement as some artists make more or less on a given day.

Over 10,000 pieces have been documented on the site since 2010. December 2020 shows a lot of holiday-oriented works.

It's like me to sign up for something like this, excited to give it a go and taper off quickly. It's also like me to stay with it and accomplish the feat. I thought it might be interesting to do something like this at the printshop.

The random things that brew in my head some mornings.

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My Wall o' Cassettes

By home, 2016-07-14
My Wall o' Cassettes

I posted this Vine panning across a portion of my beautiful wall of cassettes.

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Rockin DIY

By home, 2014-12-07
Rockin DIY  is a home recording strudio technique blog by Ronnie Q Pistons. Topics including: general recording info, soundproofing/acoustic treatment, microphone info, monitors/headphone, software/plugins, guitar stuff, drum stuff, etc. Ronnie also finds links to outside info about such things as how to set up amplifier isolation cabinets to DIY XLR cables. is an excellent resource to make your home studio recordings shine brighter.

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Wet Dreams - Obscure Music Blog

By home, 2014-10-17
Wet Dreams - Obscure Music Blog

Don Campau posted this to Facebook today. Wet Dreams is an obscure music blog with lots of cassette rars from the 80's, along with more recent underground sounds, mostly electronic, experimental.

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Welcome to GAJOOB Magazine

By home, 2014-10-05
Welcome to GAJOOB Magazine

GAJOOB began life as a print zine about cassette culture in 1987, edited and published by Bryan F. Baker. It's been online in various forms since 1992. is partly archive of many thousands of indie, underground and DiY cassettes, CDRs, vinyl and other albums, as well as letters, photos, and other material sent to GAJOOB over the years. I am busy digitizing and building an online library of it.

GAJOOB also features new releases, focusing, as always, on music with a more or less independent ethic. We list digital-only and netlabel online releases as well. Our listings often include interviews and discussions, embedded streaming audio, video, photos, letters, etc. Artist profiles evolve over time as these things are added. 

See GAJOOB on Youtube  where we vlog about new and old music featured here.

Submission Guide

Send releases by mail to:

PO Box 25665
Salt Lake City, UT 84125

We welcome homemade or otherwise self-made releases on CDr, cassette or whatever. We also feature releases from small and independent labels.

Digital, online-only releases are listed as well. Please submit them via the contact link under Menu in the top menu bar.

Thank  you.

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