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Maddie Jay - Mood Swings EP

Mood Swings EP
Year of release: 2021
Media: CD,Digital
Review Date: Mar 21, 2021
Artist/Label Notes:

Mixed by Maddie Jay, Pedro Calloni and Dhruv Agarwala. Mastered by Harry Burr. All music written and produced by Maddie Jay, except 1 and 5, which were co-written with Blake Straus.


I came across Maddie Jay by way of her recent interview with Linda Smith. My love of Linda's music goes way back and Maddie's new generation perspective struck a ringing chord and inspired further exploration into her music. Mood Swings is a 6-song, 20-minute EP of immediately infectious indie-pop songs with elements of r&b, 8-bit, lofi, home taper, rock, electronic and more infusions that mix into a blend of her own making. Her music is personal and soul searching, fun and whimsical.