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We first experienced the recordings of Wolfgang Dorninger through his Monochrome Bleu cassette in the early 90's. Dorninger lives and works in Linz, Austria as a musician, producer and sound artist, composing music for movies, theater and sound installations. His work oscillates between musique concrète and digital sound-production.

Youtube Videos

Dorninger "Bells of Mustang"

Dorninger "Bells of Mustang"

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:00

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Dorninger Blog

"24 Hours" by Wolfgang "Fadi" Dorninger

Wolfgang Dorninger of Monochrome Bleu, Josef K Noyce, The Smiling Buddhas will perform his entire catalog during a 24-hour streaming event from Sonic Sound Studio in Linz, Austria.

Date: Saturday 26. February - Sunday 27. February 2022

Time: 7 pm - 7 pm CET (24 hours)

During the performance, NFTs of music and studio items will be created and made available.

Tickets to the event as well as post-streaming access are being sold in advance of the show.

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