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Call for Submissions: CHEAP AND PLASTIC #2

Call for Submissions: CHEAP AND PLASTIC #2

Monday March 1 2021, 10:38 PM
@ @electronic-cottage
You are invited to contribute!

Hal McGee presents CHEAP AND PLASTIC #2
online compilation project
featuring the sounds of cheap and plastic consumer level Casio, Yamaha, Bontempi, Kawasaki, Concertmate, and other various brand electric-powered keyboards!
- also known as tablehooters or kiddie keyboards!
-- Create a new track especially for and exclusive to this project, maximum 5 minutes, any style welcome.
-- Send your track in lossless WAV format via WeTransfer or Google Drive to
-- audio files must have a sample rate of 44.1kHz or higher and should be Stereo.
-- you must include a photo of you with your cheap and plastic electric keyboard
-- I will publish the tracks together as a compilation on my Bandcamp site
-- Final Project Deadline will be March 1, 2021

- Contributors will receive three free download codes upon request.

- I will accept contributions sent via snail mail on CDR or cassette (but I will not provide a hard copy of the compilation).
- Your track will be disqualified and rejected if you do not include an actual photo of you with your instrument.
- OBVIOUSLY, no software emulations of tablehooters will be allowed... or any software instruments or effects. This is a hardware-based gear compilation!
Please, each person, only contribute once.

Yes, you CAN use circuit bent keyboards.
Yes, you CAN use effects, multitracking, and additional toy electric gadgets.
Try to avoid a lot of post-processing or computer-based modifications of the sounds. You can of course use software to record, mix and master your track.
Yes, you can use vocals and other instruments if you want, but please limit these as much as possible.
I consider tablehooters to primarily be keyboard instruments.
The sounds of your tablehooter must be the main sounds in the track.

I will reject any track that I subjectively feel is not in the spirit of the project.

For ideas, inspirations, and reference you can listen to the first Cheap And Plastic compilation here —

If your keyboard originally cost more than $150 then it is probably not cheap enough, and when you look at your keyboard if you see any metal or wood then it is probably not plastic enough.

No acoustic instruments, such as xylophones, melodicas, kalimbas, etc.

Monotrons, Monotribes, Pocket Operators, Volcas, stylophones, etc. are not acceptable. A MIDI keyboard is not acceptable.

You can probably avoid any keyboard with these brand names: Korg, Alesis, M-Audio, Roland, Akai, Moog, Emu, Novation, Arturia, etc.

Easy: if you feel compelled to write to me and ask me if your instrument is acceptable you can assume that it is not.