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tonAtom is a germany-based netlabel.

tonAtom was founded in march 2002 and is working as a strict non-profit alternative to the established label and publishing system.

tonAtom stands for netvideo and netaudio productions ranging from ambient to experimental, far off from airplay, dancefloor, club or other limitations.

our artists and our releases are selected to be strange and intelligent, challenging and inspiring, timeless and cutting-edge, innovative and essential.

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Slow Children & Area | Zima e.p.

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chicago, in the middle of deepest winter. snow covered. at this time of year, the title track of this e.p. was created as a collaboration between slow children (whom we welcome as a new artist) and area (most recently in 2009 on "objet trouvé" [tonatom.103]). "zima" means winter and this is reflected in the meandering, powerful, deep, ambient opener. five alternative interpretations of this work take up different aspects in a new way, continue it with a new focus and complete this e.p. this is far from being a " one original title and remixes" release, but rather presents six very different variations of a theme combined, which allows an attentive listening as one piece. in addition to alternative interpretations of slow children and area as the originators of the original, we meet our long-time companion drmlgcc/dreamlogic again (most recent release: "treader" [tonatom.128] in 2013) as the creator of the final version. should such a work be released in the middle of summer and in times of a climate crisis? well, absolutely! when else. welcome slow children and welcome back area and drmlgcc.


Watch for review in a future posting. --Reviewed by Bryan Baker .

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