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Lonely Whistle

Don's label has a catalog of recent works as well as a growing roster of independent artists w...

No Pigeonholes

Don's longrunning radio show on KKUP Cupertino and Radio Marabu across Europe.

No Pigeonholes EXP

An experimental music radio show.


Don is a prolific recording artist who takes a wide range of approaches, exploring rock song forms as well as experimental music. His No Pigeonholes weekly radio show airs on KKUP in Cupertino and is available onlline as is No Pigeonholes EXP, a show devoted to experimental music. His Living Archive of Underground Music is a who's who of home recording artists and 80's/90's cassette culture.

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Unboxing Don Campau's Interim Assignment CD

Unboxing Don Campau's Interim Assignment CD

Category: Music
Duration: 00:01:17

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Don Campau - Observer Effect


New instrumental offering from Northern California home recording musician, Don Campau. No songs, no rock, no raging lead guitar. Although some beats , this is mainly a quieter album with keyboards and a kitchen sink, improvisational nature.Miniatures that are strung together. A tribute and hat tip to home tapers worldwide doing whatever they want with no concern for sales or business. Hard copy available with original art covers for $10 postpaid in the USA from please add $5 for international orders credits released September 23, 2021 Campau, all instruments.


I was immediately interested in this new release by Don Campau since my own creative explorations are taking me in similar directions. The four tracks here are made up of short improvisational bits employing a wide variety of tones (guitar, flute, piano, synths, percussion, etc.). The first and last tracks are 15-minute plus pieces, however, they are comprised of short sections so the whole album shifts and flows by way of bursts of changing structures, sounds and styles. I enjoyed this album very much. --Reviewed by Bryan Baker .

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Released on On Bandcamp .

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