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Ken is the longtime publisher of Shouting At the Postman and webzine/site devoted to mail art. He's the purveyor of several other sites which you'll find listed here as well. He's a graphic designer, recording artist.

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Shouting At the Postman

By , 2021-10-12

Web Resources, Links: Shouting at the Postman... is full of cool zines and music that you won't find most places (if anywhere, for that matter). It's assembled like a webzine, while there are loads of resources, all notated so you know if it's something you gonna wanna check out. Bookmark it. What is the "Art Exchange Net" and how do I participate? Send me photocopyable artwork (collages, drawings, photos, paintings, found objects, etc.) or original recordings and I'll send you things that others have contributed to the archives. It's easy and fun, and you can meet some cool folks. Postal Address: ASKalice Art Exchange Net, PO Box 101, Newtown, PA 18940-0101 USA. SOURCE: Submission Updated: 10/12/2021.

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