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Don Campau - Pinata Party

user image 2021-05-04
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Don Campau - Pinata Party



A two tape set featuring Don Campau, Greg Gray, Ken Clinger, Dino DiMuro, James Hill, Mark Hanley, Nicole, Kevin and Caity Campau, Brian Conroy, Allen Dancer, John Hayden, Poindexter Holloway. Art work by Peter Blind. Cover design by Douglas Cruikshank Don Campau ( vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, harmonica, assorted instruments) on most tracks with additional personnel noted below. Tape one: 1. Pinata Party: Kevin Campau ( introduction),Greg Gray (drums) 2. Stupid Stinkin Day: with Kevin Campau 3. Messalina: with John Hayden (percussion, assorted instruments), James Hill ( trumpet) 4. Doing A Show: by Nicole Campau 5. Whats The Reason: with Dino DiMuro ( guitar, banjo, vocals) 6. Dinga La Te: turntables by Campau 7. Tug: by Nicole Campau 8. Dont Hold Back: Greg Gray ( drums) 9. Joey Roo Goes Dancing: Ken Clinger ( vocals, keyboards) 10. Free Again: Dino DiMuro ( vocals, guitar, banjo ) 11. Glass Full Of Water: solo Campau 12. Thai Stick Orchestra: Campau with pre-recorded Thai orchestra 13. Man Is: Nicole Campau 14. Already Quiet: Campau solo 15. Before The Neighbors: Greg Gray ( keyboards, drums), James Hill ( trumpet) 16. Life With Mary Mayhem: Ken Clinger ( vocals, keyboards) 17. Parking In The Backlot : Poindexter Holloway ( vocals, ), Dino DiMuro ( guitar) 18. Mystery Of The Hemphill: James Hill ( trumpet) 19. His Sisters Feet: Ken Clinger ( keyboards) 20. Gobble Gobble: Kevin Campau 21. Break The Birdie: Allen Dancer ( drums) 22. DonĂ¢t Let The Music Stop: Nicole Campau 23. Until It Turns Red: Greg Gray ( drums ) 24. Bulgarian Indigestion: Ken Clinger ( vocals, keyboards) 25. What A Mess: Ken Clinger ( vocal ) 26. Your Constant Paradox : Campau solo with Kevin Campau at the start and end. 27. Confetti: James Hill ( trumpet) Tape two: 1. The Perfect Tomato: Ken Clinger ( vocals) 2. Yuppie In His Audi: Mark Hanley ( lead guitar), Greg Gray ( drums) 3. Doing A Show: Nicole Campau 4. Megans Morning: Dino DiMuro ( guitar, keys, banjo) 5. Like Somebody Else: Campau solo 6. Sinkhole: Campau solo 7. Promise Dollars: Nicole Campau ( vocals), Dino DiMuro ( guitar, keys, banjo) 8. Go Navy: Brian Conroy ( rhythm guitar ) 9. You Can Relax : Greg Gray ( drums) 10. Irreversible Moment: James Hill ( trumpet) 11. Daddy: Caity Campau ( vocal, keyboards, percussion), Greg Gray ( slide guitar) 12. Gamma Rays: Campau solo 13. Everything Becomes Nothing: Ken Clinger ( keyboards) 14. Woman Was A Man : James Hill ( trumpet) 15. Bells Behind The Machinery : James Hill ( trumpet) 16. Midnight In Suburbia : James Hill ( trumpet) Produced in San Jose, CA by Don Campau by live and mail collaboration

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Released on cassette.

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