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Don Campau | Mixed Messages

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Don Campau | Mixed Messages

originally released on cassette in 1991

  1.  it didnt matter: with eric muhs, drums, synth, lyrics, vocals
  2. no one knows: with john and peter hinds, production and rums
  3. the verdict is in: with lord litter, guitars, bass, drums
  4. tape a message: with lord litter, keys, bass, drums
  5. my intuition: with peggy martinez, vocals
  6. ive got a policy: with lord litter, guitars, bass, drums
  7. seven good examples: with eric muhs, bass drums, lyrics, production
  8. spin on the wheel: don solo
  9. dont play with matches: with lord litter,guitars, bass, keys, drums
  10. i came from outer space: with lord litter, vocals, bass, lyrics, production
  11. new set of rules: with lord litter, guitars, bass, drums
  12. i wont fear love: don solo
  13. franny spencer: with dino dimuro, vocals, guitar, lyrics
  14. everything i do is wrong: with lord litter, guitars, bass, drums
  15. promise to be there: with eric muhs, bass, production; greg gray, drums
  16. all ive got is music: with eric muhs, lead guitar, bass; greg tray, drums

don campau: vocals, lyrics, guitars, bass, keyboards

lonely whistle music 1991


Campau has been active in the cassette network for a long time, which means he's had ample opportunity to take many musical turns. It also means he's made some frindships along the way with other home recording artists. Those of you familiar with the scene will recognize the names of people Don collaborated with on this tape. Lord Litter, Eric Muhs, Dino DiMuro, Peter and John Hinds and Greg Gray all contribute heavily to the songs here. And, not surprisingly, given the fact that all of the above (with the exception of vocalist Peggy Martinez and drummers Gray and Peter Hinds) are outstanding guitarists, this is a tape of guitar-oriented cuts. Some of 'em are just all-out jams, while others are rockin' songs with riffs a'plenty. The styles are varied too. DiMuro's compositional, almost classical style; Muhs' sonicly experimental playing, Hinds' intense free-form and Litter's cowpoke/space/jazz odessey are brought together to make a tape that remains as helplessly disparate as the differing styles assembled, yet never falls apart — in fact it's quite a wild and highly recommended ride. This is the the kind of tape that inspires home recording artists to get out of the home and play with other people, do some basement jamming, see what the other person can bring out in you. -- Bryan Baker (GAJOOB 6/30/1992)