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Joel Krutt - What Next?

By home, 2016-07-05
Joel Krutt - What Next?


There are times when you are exposed to something long enough that it works its way through your neural networks and finds its way back out again, filtered through whatever capacities you can bring to it. 

For the past 18 years I’ve hosted a radio program, “Pushing The Envelope – Music Decidedly Left of Center” on WHUS, the radio station of the University of Connecticut. During that time I’ve become quite partial to electronic music as well as classical minimalism. From Brian Eno to Philip Glass, these styles have developed, first quite separately, then with the advent of computer technology, coinciding. (Check out John Adams’ “Hoodoo Zephyr” for a fine example of this.) 

With the advent of sequencing and sound editing software for the “common man”, thousands of individuals have been able to express themselves, for better or for worse, musically for the first time. I felt it was my time to jump into the fray. From the early Steve Reich-ian homage, “BabyPhase” to the quiet ambience of “JimC”, I’ve distilled a lot of the music I’ve listened to and played for others into my own personal expression. I hope something here works for you. 

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