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Bryan Baker Letter to Steve Rubin 28 June 1993

Here at GAJOOB land we just got a new computer and hve been busy transporting the database to our new program (it's Filemaker Pro, incidentally, for the Mac). So that's why you're suddenly getting confirmation sheets and didn't get one for Passed Normal vol. 4 and Henry Kaiser (which we did receive and which will be reviewed in issue #10 which is coming very soon).

Thanks for returning the confirmation with the information. It always surprises me when big labels like yours want to be on our Sampler tapes. I think it's great!

By the way, I smell an interview fomenting with you in the near future. I've been impressed with what FOT has been doing ever since I jumped into the cassette scene around '83. Has it been that long?

Anyway, hope you keep all the stuff coming. I thought the latest Voodoo Mark was hilharious, though I don't suppose I'll be playing that on my radio show here in Salt Lake City anytime in the near future.

Bryan Baker

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