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BF Baker & Gregg Allen | 4-track Chronicles

These songs were recorded on 4-track cassette between 1982 and 1988. They were early recordings by GAJOOB Magazine publisher, Bryan Baker and friend Gregg Allen. A few early recordings like "Stainless Case" were made on a Studiomaster 4-track, while most were created on a Tascam Porta One. Gregg is the vocalist, sax and sometime guitarist (his unique style is heard on many older tracks) while Bryan wrote, played and engineered, with several exceptions. Gregg's 50's doo-wop influences surface on a couple tracks like "Oh, Baby Please" and "I Need to Know" and these are mostly his babies. Joe Maki, Wayne Baker and a few others make appearances here and there, Joe's contributions featuring a few of the earliest Baby Fred recordings. These songs together are simply a personal document to the fun times these friends had creating music just for the love of it.

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