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The Beatniks From Mars - Naked

"The title of our tape Naked indicates that all of the songs were recorded live, directly onto 2-track. at CBGB's In N.Y.C. No post-production. When asked what kind of band the Beatniks From Mars are, I reply that we are kind of a combination of the Sex Pistols and the Marx Brothers. i.e ., a social-political -cultural-R &B-Jazz-Country gumbo spiced liberally with humor. We are currently performing live in New York and hoping the tape will open some doors for us across the nation."

GAJOOB: Recorded Jive at CBGB-NYC 1989-90. Raw, from-the-g ut rocknroll with a decidedly southern-rock feel. Smoky, pool hall bravado with a generous portion of levity mixed in and tongue-in-cheek commentary . I'm rarely disappointed by a CBGB-reco rded tape . This one sounds rich and grainy.

Listen to Find a Lady 

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