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Your work has been choreographed by Anna Galikowska-Gajewska PhD, Music Academy Gdansk, Poland. I thought it was a wonderful marriage of movement and sound. How did it come about?

Innova (the record label of the American Composers Forum) had just released my CD Analog. Part of the distribution deal included putting it on i-Tunes and Anna was just checking various pieces from different artists and something about the track Dinosaur Bones struck her. She emailed me to ask permission to use it for her thesis performance and I gladly agreed.


Have you had other experiences working with dance or other art forms and your music?

I've done live performance collaborations with a variety of artists. When touring I sometimes get asked to improv with others.

We have an orange cat named David. What is your orange cat's name? I see he/she is as curious as David. Has the curiosity inspired any happy accidents either in creating your instruments or in performance?

My marmalade tabby is named "Cat." He has an adopted brother named "Gato," but Cat is the one who just kept interrupting demo videos I'd be shooting for for my instruments. Sometimes people would leave more comments about Cat than the instrument. Now he has his own FB page. 

Cat and Gato.jpg

Cat's profile is  https://www.facebook.com/cat.thecat.7

Do you have a favorite instrument creation?

It's hard to pick a favorite from my instruments as I've been building for 40 years representing over 1000 pieces. There are 2 that were perhaps the most fun/challenging and also garnered a lot of interest. One is a modified delay unit called the Green Hornet (a staple in my touring rig for 20+ years) and the other is a noise/drone generator called the Globus. It was inspired by a 1960s-era Soviet global positioning device. 


What instruments are you working on now?

Just finished a couple of new pieces- The Cuneum is a 3 oscillator Drone synth and The Cyclops is a kind of circular harp. 



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