Magic Moments at Twilight Time
Magic Moments at Twilight Time
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From 1987 to 2003, I had the privilege and pleasure to become and be an integral part of a unique global underground network, one that I still regard as amongst the most important social phenomena of its day. Many years before modern digital technology made communication and the dissemination of music simplicity itself; this network built up across national, continental, cultural and ethnic boundaries. We worked together on the basis of what we had in common, seldom stopping to be concerned about the ways in which we differed. The music always came before the money; mutual help, promotion and co-operation came before competition. We did what we could to erase the word "exploitation" from the dictionary, and the greatest profits we sought were banked in the friendships we forged. The Magic Net continues to work in that spirit. If you are commercially orientated, begone from this place! This is an underground website for underground people, there's nothing for you here...

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