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Mental Anguish - Frozen Lake

user image 2016-07-07
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Mental Anguish - Frozen Lake

Artist Notes

Rec Feb 25th 2016 at Harsh Reality Music by Chris Phinney

Mixed Feb 27th 2016 at Harsh Reality Music by Chris Phinney

instruments equipment used: 

Audiotechnica AT-RMX64 4 track 6 channel recorder mixer on Maxell chrome hi bias cassette tape. Mixed down to digital from Audiotechnica to Sony stand alone Compact Disc Recorder RCD-W5000NV100 to TDK cdr. Moog Rogue, Digitech Digital Delay Sampler 7.6 Second Time Machine, Homemade Ring Modulator, Art Proverb 200, Boss Distortion DS-1, lbanez Analog Delay, Boss Digital Sampler/Delay DSD-2

First solo recording in 5 years, after a self-imposed hiatus.

Inspired by Hal McGee & all the other artists musicians l have worked with since 1981.

Inspired by life itself as well. A sound painting audio sculpture meant to epict a trip on ice boat across a vast frozen lake, does the artist make it across or? Only you can depict that scenario by listening in full & interpreting the images the sounds draw in your mind. But also interpret the sound sculpture in your mind as you will.

You can see further info on Frozen Lake at HalTapes

Contact Hal McGee for any additional info.

256 GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, 2016

That Chris Phinney has come out of hiatus is good news to my ears. When you get to be our age, 5 years seems like yesterday sort of, but also forever too. 

Frozen Lake is a painting in sound (or a sculpture as the artist tells it) and Mental Anguish dips its Moog Rogue (it rhymes) into delays, modulators, distortion pedals, samplers and things and spreads it around its sonic canvas. The picture is an abstract frozen lake that feels cold and foggy, full of potential demons. Movement is slow but you're on edge with each passing microsecond. You may fall in at any moment.

Frozen Lake's drones are like chunks of ice colliding around you in the dark with the depths of its sounds coming to claim  you.

Chris Phinney Interview by Bryan Baker, 2016

Do you mind sending me a photo of your setup? I'd like to show it.

The setup's broken down or would but use studio as shop & storage & had to get equipment work stuff out, all my stuff's undone right now as well decks, everything as resetting up in time.

Did you have to get into a certain frame of mind to record this?

Yes & no just felt the need to do something as hadn't in a long time see if could still pull it off the space rock sound sculpture thing.

Is this a first take?

Yes all tracks were first take & only one mixdown.

Tell me about the cover art.

Hal did the cover art I just supplied the info, if I release anything today will have to be by another label, I did supply art for another P/M you should get soon I assume.

What is it about the Moog?

The Moog is a wonderful analog beast that if one knows how to use they can create most anything,from pop,rock,space,noise etc, Plus it suits my tastes quite nicely, fat sound & in my opinion nothing better synth wise than analog gear.

I'm glad to hear something new. What's inspiring Mental Anguish these days?

Life itself inspires me nothing else… well yeah, Hal also.