Heather Perkins - Land-O-Newts!
Heather Perkins - Land-O-Newts!
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Waterdog Studio

Heather's sound design company.


Artist: Land-O-Newts!
Genre: Electronic
Duration: 00:01:47

#09 - March 2nd, 2020 - This one started with me recording and sampling an acoustic drum kit that was given to me. Then I built a drum track from layers of those sounds, and laid over synths (Roland JD-XI and Arturia MicroFreak) and layers of distorted Fender Strat. I just started playing Fallout 4, and I just dusted my first Deathclaw monster, so I'm feeling pretty badass. Jan. 1, 2020 I challenged to myself to put out one original song every week for the year. My most beloved of the 52 songs will be available as a compilation at the start of 2021 on Land-O-Newts! Records.