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Jeff "Central" Chenault cofounded the International Terrorist Network, an industrial label. He is perhaps best known as a member of 10-Speed Guillotine with Andrew Isold (Alois) and was also in Edison's Office Boy with James Towning (Fact TwentyTwo) and The Weird Love Makers with Mark Gunderson and Greg Fernandez. Chenault also run Exoteque Music, an industrial music distributor.

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Jeff Central & Y = The Auditory Brainstem Companion
The Auditory Brainstem Companion was an album by Jeff Central and Bill Jaeger release January 1990 as a co-release on both artist's labels, International Terrorist Network and Piranha Production.

Jeff Central plays shortwave radio, samples, percussion, and noise. Bill Jaeger (Y) plays Shortwave radio, percussion, voice, and noise.


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The Auditory Brainstem Companion, Part 5

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