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Harsh Reality Music was an early cassette culture pioneer and longtime electronic music label out of Memphis, Tennessee run by Chris Phinney whose main music project is Mental Anguish. Phinney was also a co-founder of the longrunning Tapegerm Collective experimental music online collaboration project.

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Cancerous Growth - Desecration & Fornication


Chris Phinney - Korg Poly 800, Rogue Moog, Arp Axxe, FX, Tapes, Samples, Engineering, Final Mix. Michael Thomas Jackson - Korg Poly 800, Rogue Moog, Arp Axxe, FX, Samples, guitar. Mike Hunnicutt - Yamaha DX7, FX on Track #1 & Track #4 Recorded December 27th, 1988 at Harsh Reality Music, Mixed December 30th, 1988 at Harsh Reality Music. HR90


This tape employs the same style as the one reviewed above, but with a harsher feel to it. This one worked better for me for some reason. A live improv, these chaps really go with the harshness theme, ringing whatever they can from its scab-encrusted throat. Turn out the lights and revel in your depravity. --Reviewed by Bryan Baker 4/1/1989.

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Released on cassette.

PRICE: $1 or more (originally $7.00 on cassette)

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