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Harsh Reality Music was an early cassette culture pioneer and longtime electronic music label out of Memphis, Tennessee run by Chris Phinney whose main music project is Mental Anguish. Phinney was also a co-founder of the longrunning Tapegerm Collective experimental music online collaboration project.

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Mental Anguish - Broken

By home, 2021-05-22
Mental Anguish - Broken


Recorded between November 8th 2020 thru May 10th 2021 Eight tracks of sound sculptures, or sound paintings, call it what you will to paint a picture of your own in your mind, where you the listener interpret the title in your minds own sculpturistic way. I do hope you enjoy it. My first solo lp since Puff! (March 26,2020) Been way busy. All individual track photos are in the info. released May 10, 2021 All instruments,fx,mix,mastering by Chris Phinney (Mental Anguish) at HRM


Watch for review in a future posting. --Reviewed by Bryan Baker .

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