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The Bim Prongs/Furchick - EC Split 15

user image 2021-01-25
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The Bim Prongs/Furchick - EC Split 15

Through nearly 30 albums that make up the EC Split series, Hal McGee has often made the pairing of artists an added experience to the album. W.A. Davison (The Bim Prongs) and Claire Pannell (Furchick) mine similar experimental veins in their own soundscapes. On this album, the differences to me are that Furchick's "side" is three distinct pieces each with a different combination of sounds. Her approach is less loop-oriented than Davison's here I think, but both collage sounds that revolve and call back. Both sides are filled with real sounds, while synthesized and manipulated textures seep into each mix as well.