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Franklin Bruno's songs came to us from Shrimper Tapes and were/are always a favorite. His current band is Human Hearts, in the 1990s it was Nothing Painted Blue. Bruno has a PhD in Philosophy from UCLA and writes criticism, poems, and academic work in philosophy and musicology. He is also pianist and musical director for Bree Benton's vaudevillian alter ego Poor Baby Bree .

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By home, 2015-02-09

Frnaklin is the singer songwriter of a band called Nothing Painted Blue (you might check out the new 7-inch out on Scat). The songs on this tape are stripped down pop numbers, about half with simple guitar accompaniment, others have a small amount of other instrumental backing. Bruno writes strog, hook-laden songs with excellent lyrics that manage to maintain a unique voice throughout this tape.

Shrimper Tapes

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A Wealth of Reasons

A Wealth of Reasons

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