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Dave Fuglewicz | Ultra-Zone

"Ultra-Zone" was not called that when it was originally recorded. Only recently, around 2012, did these compositions get titles.

I was going to do a through the mail collaboration in 1998 and in March through May I worked on recording enough tracks for a 60 minute cassette. The collaboration fell through and I left the tracks buried. Then a couple of years ago I started to go through all my old master tapes, checking for any unreleased compositions or albums. And now here they are, all spiffed up with new titles that is all.(the original titles were #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5)

The tracks are as they sounded in 1998. There is some powerful analog synthesizing here so be careful, know your tools. Track two "Xanadon't" is all TR-707 drum machine and was meant to be a rhythm track only for the collaboration


My equipment at this time: ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, ARP Sequencer, modified Casio keyboard, Digitech 7.6 Delay, several effects "stomp" boxes, some home made synthesizer modules. All tracks recorded to my trusty four track Vesta-Fire MR-10B cassette deck.

"Nu Ice": completed in March, 1998.
"Xanadon't": completed in March, 1998.
"Polarized Healing Inflection": completed in April, 1998
"A Package Arrived": completed in March, 1998.
"Lux Omni": completed in March, 1998.

Dave Fuglewicz, February, 2015.


02/12/15 01:14:44PM @home:
Were you recording completely outboard at the time? (no DAW)
02/14/15 05:30:53PM @davefugle:
I was only using my four track cassette deck during the recording of "Ultra-Zone". I started using a computer for recording in 1999 but continued to use my four track until 2002 or 2003.
02/15/15 01:58:37PM @home:
When recording on 4-track, did you bounce tracks or was your layering done on your machines?
Dave Fuglewicz

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