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Notes from the artist (S. Murray Solida): "Christus Christus is a mostly-studio project (tho' there have been, and will continue to be intermittent live performances), revolving around myself, and recording engineer David Nichols, with occasional guest artists. Both of us being visual artists as well (I own a screenprint company, and Dave has a degree in graphic design), artwork and packaging play an important role in our releases (all Christus releases have hand-printed covers, and are in numbered editions). The Opium Den is our first release under the Age of Thelema label and was the first work Dave and I recorded in his Livinghead Studio, which was an 8-track facility at the time, tho' it's since become a 16-track. All our mixdowns are currently to DAT. Since that E.P. was released, Christus Christus has also released a C60 called The Prayer Machine (available for $7.00), a tape of older 4-track material from before I met Dave, plus a couple of newer instrumentals. Dave has also released, on his own Peghead label, a compilation of incredibly diverse bands. This tape is called Headcheese (available for $7.00), and features a couple of tracks from Christus, plus a Christus-produced track from a band called Attack-Decay. We are currently hard at work on our next release, a full-length CD called Ouroboros, to be released in the Summer. We also have an EP called Transmigration near completion, featuring the titular track (in two distinctly different renditions) plus a keen cover of Gary Numan's "Down ln the Park." This may or may not precede the release Ouroboros. As for our influences, they are pretty disparate. We dig Eno, Heldon, Tangerine Dream, Chrome, Cabaret Voltaire, Coil, Numan, Nurse With Wound, Faust, Can, Current 93, Big City Orchestra, Prunes, UniversZero, and my fave, the Legendary Pink Dots. The list could go on endlessly, barring most modern Industrial and Rock bands. I'd be glad to swap tapes with anyone, but they should write first, to inquire about the availability of Opium Den and Prayer Machine, as they are limited editions. I'm especially interested in synth-oriented stuff of a non-new age variety, space rock, and psychedelia. I also write reviews for a local alternative periodical called Wide Awake, and I'd be glad to review anything that's sent, those who wish for reviews should make a note of it, and I'II send them a copy of the issue the review appears in."

GAJOOB Review (by Bryan Baker): The result tends more towards early tuneful industrial, rarely turning chaotic or static-laden. The title cut is my favorite here, with the aforementioned tandem violin work in an extended beat workout. Recommended.


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