Bat Lenny | Songs From the Junk Drawer Vol. 1 '82-'83

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Bat Lenny | Songs From the Junk Drawer Vol. 1 '82-'83


Greg Mathieson
01/27/15 03:45:20PM @greg-mathieson:
This collection is the result of an archeological dig through the many hours of and miles of reel-to-reel and cassette audio tape recorded by Bat Lenny circa 1982 - 1983. Note the ominous subtitle of “Volume 1”, portending further installments. Bat Lenny tended to record an awful lot of sounds and then hide them away in boxes in several basements, never intending them to be heard by anyone but their creators (in some cases the reason is evident).

After replacing some belts and twisting some head alignment screws on the old equipment we were able to bring some of it back to life. Sadly, some of it has returned to the oxide dust from whence it came, and some is just missing, but this collage represents some of what we were up to in the early days of Cassette Culture, before we were even aware such a thing existed.

Dim Diversion and Murky Jollity abounds, along with some occasional silliness.

Bat Lenny

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