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Bigger Than Jesus
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This was the most controversial of the Surfers albums : it was banned (deemed undesirable) by the South African publications control board. Court case documents and extensive lyrics and liner notes are part of album download. So too are the tracks which were taken off for the UK release. By purchasing the album you get these tracks as free inclusions. They are "Beatle Love Song" and "Meet the New Boss" as well as 2 hidden tracks which appeared on the 80's CD re-release.

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Reviewed by:
Bryan Baker

This tape was banned in South Africa, so it's being distributed by Jay Scott's independent tape label, Network 77. The title cut offers social commentary on the response to John Lennon's famous "We're bigger than jesus" quote, and inlcudes sound bites from evangelist agitators and Beatle-paraphanalia burnings that were organized at the time. There is a heavy, intelligently pointed, socially conscious voice throughout the tape, like on "National Party," which contains the phrase, Everybody dance and sing, happiness is everythin. To the door with the boot, to the boot with the skull. Everybody on their knees, everybody happy please. W. Sony's lyrics are often beautifully descriptive, full of imagery. That, coupled with some powerful music that varies from rock to reggae, makes this a must-have release.


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