About gajoob magazine's underground music library

I began publishing GAJOOB in 1986 to fuel my own passion about homemade music and to promote networking among like-minded artists around the world who were creating and distributing their own releases on cassette. 

It grew very quickly and people sent their music, letters, zines, postcards and all kinds of related creations. I managed to save and catalog a lot of it using my own Filemaker database which was also used to automate building and maintaining the first website. 

We were online very early, pre-world wide web, first on Electronic Bulletin Board systems where we uploaded self-contained electronic zines then onto entering the web with dgajoob.com and other offshoots. We published over 100 issues of the DiY Report as an email newsletter and Cassette Culture Shock appeared on Salt Lake’s KRCL radio station for 3 hours late, late Sundays.

The century’s turn debuted homemademusic.com which distributed homemade CD’s on demand and then Tapegerm with its unique collaborations with artists worldwide.

All of this is still happening in one form or another, among other things you’ll discover as this website grows over the coming months and years.  

GAJOOB.org is now where I am busy building a library of underground recordings that found their way into my post office box over the years. It will document thousands of releases and related letters and other things. Please comment if you have something to add to these listings. It’s a living document. 

You can help support building this library through purchase of t-shirts and other items we make on-demand, or through direct donations. Such support helps make this effort possible.

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